Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Alive and Kickin'

Life has been busier than normal at our home. We started going to a new church and our new friends have turned us into socialites. Who knew!? We are enjoying making new friends and strengthening some very fun, wholesome relationships. Yay God!

Today, I sat down in my chair to ponder the lessons I've been learning lately. A few of them are as follows:

1. Look for joy and you will find it.

2. It's easier on yourself to have a good attitude about something you don't want to do than to exhaust yourself and everyone around you having a bad one.

3. Friendship, real friendship, is a rare and precious gift. Treasure it!

4. Generosity is about more than material possesions. It's about sacrificially giving of yourself so that God can teach you to love people. Generosity glorifies our wonderful Father!

5. Giving away your stuff makes you worry less about it. Stuff becomes meaningless, and that is such a wonderful feeling.

6. Relationships are meaningless without total honesty. You aren't friends with some one if you won't let them walk into your house with a messy kitchen, you hair unwashed, in you pj's, and having a bad day. Friendship comes from knowing about the shortcomings of others and loving them more for it.

7. Very few things are actually worth arguing over. Bite your tongue and move on.

8. God never lets pain go to waist. -Pastor Mark

9. People are more interested in what you're for than what you're against. -Pastor Mark

10. Stop to gaze upon the beauty of God's creation. I love thinking about the things God made which appear to serve no other purpose than to teach us of his beauty.

A quick update. Daniel gave me the grunge this week, but (praise God!) it seems to have cleared up. I was pretty concerned that I would develop pneumonia again. We LOVE our church family! We have never been so happy in a church and it's absolutely breathtaking to watch Daniel's heart (and mine) begin to burn with Christ's passion. Nothing new to report about my fertility, except that I am more regular than I have been in years. My attitude about my circumstance continues to improve. I am SO excited about Christmas this weekend. I am chock full of Christmas cheer this year, and I love it! That's all for now. I have to conquer Mt. Laundry and make dough for cinnamon rolls and French bread this weekend.

God bless!