Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Made Father's Day Gift

This is the work in progress. It's my self portrait in colored pencil for my Dad. I'm also doing one of my little sister. I will post the finished products later.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taken near my house in April.

I'm having a slow week. I submitted my resume for a receptionist job at a ministry this week; I'm anxiously awaiting good news. We are still waiting to hear about Daniel's possible promotion... we likely won't know anything for at least 2 more weeks. His company has to keep the position open for others to apply to make it at least look fair. They told him that he had first dibs on it, but I honestly don't trust his bosses to do the right thing. One of us has to get a job/promotion. We had an increase in 2 of our bills, plus the gas and food prices rising ever higher... the budget is uncomfortably tight now. I keep trying to remind myself that God has never let us go hungry, and that he has always provided the money to pay our bills.

I've lost all of my vacation weight, plus 1/2 a pound! Woo! It's going to be hard to lose 8 more pounds by 7/1 but I can do it. I am starting to notice a satisfying difference in the fit of my clothes! I definitely notice a big difference in how I feel.

In an attempt to satisfy my craving to play WoW while we're too broke to pay subscription fees, I started downloading Lord of The Rings online yesterday morning. Yep. Still downloading. SO SLOW! I'm dying. I did color my character portrait for my rogue in DnD. She's pretty, and she will be completely awesome at all things sneaky and rogue like.

126. Staying cool on hot days.
127. The sunburst pattern created by the light in the closet.
128. Tan lines.
129. Going to bed early and waking up at 6:30 feeling refreshed.
130. 48 Prismacolor pencils all different lengths showing which colors are my favorites.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home at midnight on Wednesday night. A good time was had by all. It was wonderful to enjoy the beauty of West Texas, and conquer the rugged landscape. We had 2 actual hiking days... no mountains, but the canyon was quite challenging. The average temperature was 105 on the hike... HOT!

Some highlights include:
  • The cool, clear waters of Balmorhea's Solomon Springs.
  • A breathtaking view of the sunset at McDonald Observatory near Ft. Davis.
  • A rustic hotel room with a wonderful king bed... the room smelled of gourmet coffee!
  • Some quality time with a precious, fat kitty named "Dice."
  • Homemade breakfast... every morning. The strawberries were mind boggling!
  • The hardest hike of my life through a gorgeous canyon. I was the queen of the canyon, and I nearly conquered it unscathed.
  • 20 or so big horned rams just chillin' on the rocks.
  • Finding the perfect rock for a special sculpture I have been planning!
  • A hike through the desert with an old friend.
  • Lemonade on the patio, cool grass, and time with family.
  • The splendor of Carlsbad caverns.
I have slowly but surely gotten back into my routine. Today we did family things and I got some quality time with the chickens. There was a great adventure with a huge king snake... apparently I had just been standing right under him for a solid 15 minutes... yikes! Dad and Daniel saved the day, and the snake lives to scare the daylights out of another unsuspecting woman.

121. Chickens scrambling to keep from getting caught.
122. Little field mice who seem to be fearless.
123. Shy snakes.
124. The feeling of accomplishing one of the hardest physical challenges of my life.
125. West Texas sunsets.

*The photo uploader is still broken, so I am experimenting with Flickr... click the links to see the corresponding pictures.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vacation Itinerary

Tomorrow afternoon, Daniel and I load up the truck and make the 2 hour drive to my sister's house in Abilene, Texas. We'll be staying the night and getting up insanely early to drive 5 hours to Balmorhea State Park for an afternoon of snorkeling and swimming in the bone chilling water. That evening, we will drop our bags at the hotel in Fort Davis, Texas, and then attend a star party (star gazing with sweet telescopes) at McDonald Observatory. Sunday's destination is Van Horn, Texas. We'll be staying with my mom's aunt and uncle in their own little oasis. Aunt Dawn has the most beautiful yard you could imagine, and she lives in the middle of the desert. Hiking into McKittrick Canyon on Monday. This will be a new experience for me. McKittrick is nestled in the midst of Guadalupe Peak, the highest peak in Texas. Tuesday, we'll tour the ranch of a family friend and do some Mountain Climbing. The photo shows Turtleback, but we'll be on a mountain or two over from that one. Wednesday is cave day! I think we may be doing a lantern tour of Carlsbad Caverns.

That's the general gist of our little vacation. I hope to get home on Wednesday about 5 lbs lighter than I am today. I can't imagine it will be hard with all of the hiking/swimming. I also hope to be much, much tanner... especially my pasty legs. I'm digging out the geology book to brush up on my knowledge of all things rocky. I'm a total geology geek, by the way. I thought about making a career out of it, but realized that was way more school than I could ever tolerate. I don't think they make very good money these days :) I hope that blogger fixes the photo uploader soon... I plan on taking lots of pictures. You'll have to settle for links to pictures right now.

116. To do lists, packing lists, and lists in general.
117. Cute old ladies making me feel welcome in their aqua fit class.
118. Starting to notice my hard work paying off... the pants are a little looser!
119. Ceiling fans and warm air, always reminds me of the Christmas spent in Panama.
120. An encouraging conversation with a friend who is going through the same thing as me.