Monday, January 31, 2011

Coldest Week in 15 Years

It's currently 22°F here. The house is coated in ice, the wind is a wailing banshee, and the temperatures are supposed to drop steadily all the way down to 11°F. Let me just say, that doesn't happen here. The last time it got this cold was 15 years ago. The week Daniel and I met. We were in a barn, and the sleet was blowing through the gaps in the walls. Our little assembly decided that if a cold barn was good enough for Christ's birth, it was good enough for our church. I will never forget that Sunday.

As a result of this ice storm, the metroplex is shut down. I bet all the Yankees that are here for the super bowl think we've lost our ever-lovin' minds. Hey, it's cold people! Yes, we all drive huge trucks, but we use this as an excuse to stay home... don't judge.

I have a friend who is quite close to going into labor... if you think of her this week, pray that baby decides to hang out until this nastiness blows over.

56. Mason jars filled with mismatched buttons.
57. Pennies on sidewalks.
58. Sturdy house with a working heater.
59. Creamy hot coco.
60. Snoring husband, sleeping through the ice storm.
61. Chats with friends on Facebook.
62. A hot bath and some classical music.
63. Cameras to document a day of creativity.
64. The glisten of ice in the window panes.
65. Fuzzy booties to keep my feet warm.
66. Flannel night gowns.
67. Colored pencils sorted by color.
68. Counter tops dusted in wheat flour.
69. Dessert scented candles.
70. Wholesome words of encouragement and inspiration from other bloggers.

New Ventures

I've started carving jewelry. It's not too much of a branch off of sculpting, but it is different. I'm working on creating an Etsy store to sell some of my work. Hopefully, it will be lucrative enough to make one of the payments on our bills. We'll see. I've got ideas pulsing through me, and not enough time to work on them all.

Time to get started with the chores. I really want to get at least a rough carving on a new piece before we head to the gallery.

First, my list:

46. Tiny, warm puppy, curled up in my chair.
47. My heavy, leather journal, filled with joy, tears, fits, and lessons learned.
48. Silence.
49. Pressing my cheek to Daniel's strong back while he drifts off to sleep.
50. Sitting in sunshine, reading a book.
51. Yellow-striped turtles, each with their own unique designs. A reminder that no creature is too small for Creator's attention.
52. God's gift of talent, so I can create imitations of His beautiful works.
53. Yellow tape measures coiled neatly.
54. Morning calls with Mom, and hearing Dad's morning sneeze fit through the phone.
55. Marley's devotion, and his one goal in life: to try to sleep in the bed with his humans.

Friday, January 28, 2011

God's Day

21. The popping of the ping pong ball on the table.
22. Dozing off with a good book in my hand.
23. Sparrows hopping in the grass in search of seed.
24. Steaming hot baths.
25. The parrot who greets me at the feed store.
26. A song so beautiful it gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.
27. Pin cushions with bright colored pins.
28. Knowing my precious babies get to spend every minute with my sweet Saviour.
29. Husband's constant teasing.
30. The heavenly smell of plum blossoms.
31. The crunch of leaves and acorns under my boots.
32. The rich, earthy smell of a horse's mane.
33. Cousins.
34. The smiles of a bride and groom as they say their vows.
35. Old men who smile back at me.
36. Car windows down, and my favorite songs playing while driving barefoot.
37. Diving into clear, blue water on a hot day.
38. The crackling of bacon in the skillet.
39. Soft clay and an animal posing.
40. Feeling God smile as I praise him.
41. Shiny, red Schwinn bicycles on a crisp morning.
42. Rooster crowing in the middle of our subdivision.
43. Curtains blowing in the breeze.
44. Post it notes.
45. Holding hands.

Daniel and I just came in from morning exercise. The weather is amazing today! It's hard to believe it will snow on Tuesday, even though I'm used to drastic weather change having lived in Texas my entire life. We'll leave for church in half an hour... I love being in my Father's house!


I stumbled across a book called One Thousand Gifts. It's amazing and inspiring. It's about giving thanks for everything. I highly recommend it, and I'm only in chapter 3!

I've decided to begin a list of 1,000 things I'm thankful for. So, let me begin with a few.

1. The coldness of the wood floor on my tired feet.
2. Warm, morning sun spilling into my kitchen.
3. My Marley smelling the winter air, sun on his back, tail wagging.
4. Tattered book bindings.
5. The heat of the coffee mug warming my hands.
6. Sleepy husband waking me with kisses late at night.
7. Fresh, cool sheets.
8. The laughter of friends around my table.
9. Satisfaction in a good day's work.
10. Lucy nuzzling her way under the blanket for a long night's sleep.
11. Photo booth pictures.
12. Sunsets filled with color.
13. Quilts on soft beds.
14. Golden, crisp loaves of fresh bread.
15. The porch light to welcome me home late at night.
16. Mozart playing while I sip my soup in the quiet of my home.
17. Husband's beard on my cheek when he hugs me.
18. Friends' smiles and warm embraces on Sunday morning.
19. The weight and feel of my purple Bible.
20. Waking up to the symphony of the thunderstorm.

Can you make a list of 1,000 things that make your heart happy? I would love to see your list.