Monday, February 13, 2012

Back from Hawaii

We had an amazing time in Hawaii. We saw so many amazing things. Whales and dolphins, the Napali Cliffs, the Waimea Canyon, gorgeous flowers, and basically the entire island of Kauai. It was so good to get away from the routines and the stresses of work and obligations and go sailing, snorkeling, or just laying around the hotel room learning to play my new ukelele.

This was the sunset at Poipu Beach our first night in Hawaii.

I spent the entire second day on Poipu Beach with our family. I have a decent tan now!

On the northern coast line: this is the view from the lighthouse. The waves hitting these cliffs was one of the most spectacular things I have ever had the privilege of seeing.

The sails of the Southern Star. A beautiful catamaran that sailed us around the eastern coast. The dolphins raced us out of the harbor. Incredible!

Me and Daniel. We were planning out our future Hawaiian careers. Daniel is going to become a crew member on a catamaran, and I will become a trail guide for the stables.

 Coming home was a terrible experience. I was awake for 34 hours packing and waiting at airports or in the plane. We flew all through the night. We got home, and I decided to stay awake to get my body back on Texas time. The next day was spent with my precious friend walking in the park attempting to coax her little one into deciding to be born. I think it worked :) She went into labor the next day, and I am the proud godmother of the cutest little boy. I am completely in love with him, and cannot wait until he gets to come home. I am ready for some serious baby snuggling!