Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vacation in 3 Days

I got in from the gym about an hour ago. I went to a different pilates class tonight with a new instructor. Almost all we did was work the back side. My buns were burnin'! I hope I can walk tomorrow. My plan is to make the aqua fit class tomorrow evening to get in one more workout before the hike-a-palooza next week.

My family is renting a Suburban and road tripping it to west Texas on Saturday. Snorkeling and McDonald observatory on Saturday. We'll climb a mountain one day and hike into a canyon another day. Somewhere in all of that we'll go to Carlsbad caverns. I'm super excited and anticipating losing 5 lbs easily. All of this is taking place in the desert, so it's liable to be hot! I can't wait!

Pray for me when you think about me. I'm dealing with some complex emotions having to do with really wanting to have kids. This time around has been so much better as far as my attitude, but I'm mostly just sad. Trying to trust God's timing is hard when we've already waited 4 years. My hope is that losing my excess weight will help things to work properly again. If nothing else, getting in shape is giving me something to focus on and strive for.

111. Grace. God's patience with me when I'm a moron, and His promise to love me when I don't learn from my mistakes.
112. Catching up with sweet friends.
113. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
114. Impromptu lunch and heart to heart with my mom-in-law.
115. Dad's insanely bad jokes and quirky ideas, always good for a chuckle.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I should be cleaning right now...

... but writing and listening to good music sounds like so much more fun when I'm this sore. Last night was the weekly pilates class: AWESOME! I'm seriously loving it. It's incredibly hard work, but I leave super relaxed and feeling super happy about what I accomplished. I've only been 3 times, and I can already see an improvement in what I am capable of doing.

I went to yoga on Monday. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep going. I know it would be super good for me, and it's exactly the kind of exercise I need. However, the instructor puts too much of a spiritual spin on it. It's super new aged, and I'm not down with that. I'm doing better about going in a class setting; I like the direction I get. Unfortunately, yoga is my only viable option for Monday night. Dilemma! I'm down from 177 to 170! So close to my first 10lbs. My goal is 140, and to look hot in a bikini in Hawaii next summer. I would like to lose the weight by November though.

Pray for Daniel. He submitted his resume for a new position at his current job. He was not anticipating they would accept it, it was a political move to show them that he's unsatisfied with his pay scale and wants to move up. (It's a long and complicated story, but there's lots of nasty politics involved in why he has the position at the crappy pay he currently makes.) So, anyways, there's a small possibility he would move to evening shift... it's a decent schedule and would be way better pay. Pray that God gives us direction.

106. A hardworking husband.
107. Music that gives me chills.
108. Sun dresses.
109. Open windows on a sunny day.
110. Sore muscles, because that means I'm using them!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello again.

Well, it's been a while. I have been taking a long break from the computer lately. It was good to get away from it, and to remind myself that it's not as important as I let it become.

Not much has changed around here. I am still unemployed, still seeking employment, still loving our church family, still praying for God to grow our family, and still madly in love with my husband. What has changed: we joined a gym, I am 7 lbs lighter, sales are picking up at the gallery, and Daniel and I have discovered that we love playing 42 (dominoes). Yes, we're old people.

I guess I'll pick up the list again.
101. Learning to be disciplined and learning that I have more willpower than I thought.
102. The crunch of gravel under the tires when I turn onto my parents driveway.
103. Thunder.
104. Orange nail polish.
105. Seeing the number on the scale go down, knowing that I'm getting healthier.