Monday, January 31, 2011

Coldest Week in 15 Years

It's currently 22°F here. The house is coated in ice, the wind is a wailing banshee, and the temperatures are supposed to drop steadily all the way down to 11°F. Let me just say, that doesn't happen here. The last time it got this cold was 15 years ago. The week Daniel and I met. We were in a barn, and the sleet was blowing through the gaps in the walls. Our little assembly decided that if a cold barn was good enough for Christ's birth, it was good enough for our church. I will never forget that Sunday.

As a result of this ice storm, the metroplex is shut down. I bet all the Yankees that are here for the super bowl think we've lost our ever-lovin' minds. Hey, it's cold people! Yes, we all drive huge trucks, but we use this as an excuse to stay home... don't judge.

I have a friend who is quite close to going into labor... if you think of her this week, pray that baby decides to hang out until this nastiness blows over.

56. Mason jars filled with mismatched buttons.
57. Pennies on sidewalks.
58. Sturdy house with a working heater.
59. Creamy hot coco.
60. Snoring husband, sleeping through the ice storm.
61. Chats with friends on Facebook.
62. A hot bath and some classical music.
63. Cameras to document a day of creativity.
64. The glisten of ice in the window panes.
65. Fuzzy booties to keep my feet warm.
66. Flannel night gowns.
67. Colored pencils sorted by color.
68. Counter tops dusted in wheat flour.
69. Dessert scented candles.
70. Wholesome words of encouragement and inspiration from other bloggers.

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