Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taken near my house in April.

I'm having a slow week. I submitted my resume for a receptionist job at a ministry this week; I'm anxiously awaiting good news. We are still waiting to hear about Daniel's possible promotion... we likely won't know anything for at least 2 more weeks. His company has to keep the position open for others to apply to make it at least look fair. They told him that he had first dibs on it, but I honestly don't trust his bosses to do the right thing. One of us has to get a job/promotion. We had an increase in 2 of our bills, plus the gas and food prices rising ever higher... the budget is uncomfortably tight now. I keep trying to remind myself that God has never let us go hungry, and that he has always provided the money to pay our bills.

I've lost all of my vacation weight, plus 1/2 a pound! Woo! It's going to be hard to lose 8 more pounds by 7/1 but I can do it. I am starting to notice a satisfying difference in the fit of my clothes! I definitely notice a big difference in how I feel.

In an attempt to satisfy my craving to play WoW while we're too broke to pay subscription fees, I started downloading Lord of The Rings online yesterday morning. Yep. Still downloading. SO SLOW! I'm dying. I did color my character portrait for my rogue in DnD. She's pretty, and she will be completely awesome at all things sneaky and rogue like.

126. Staying cool on hot days.
127. The sunburst pattern created by the light in the closet.
128. Tan lines.
129. Going to bed early and waking up at 6:30 feeling refreshed.
130. 48 Prismacolor pencils all different lengths showing which colors are my favorites.

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