Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Alone

I spent the first half of my weekend with my family, husband excluded, which was nice. Now begins the lonely part, which I am pretty excited about. I kicked it off by finishing up the organizing of the office I began on Monday. I even cleaned out the cedar chest and learned that it was full of absolutely nothing that I want to keep except for the manual for my Singer and my old horse's halter. Yeah, two things in a chest that is 19" x 46". So ridiculous. It's a pretty cedar chest, but it REEKS of moth balls. Who puts moth balls in a cedar chest?! I guess they really hate moths. I've got a bit of baking soda and sprinkled some coffee grounds in the bottom. If that fails, I suppose I will actually have to air it out in the sun for a day.

I'm listening to Christmas music while I clean... it's really nice. I think I'm going to stay home from church tomorrow. I need this alone time. I need to regain some focus. It will be nice to have an extended period of alone time with God in the morning, and then to hit the house hard and heavy to have it super nice before my love comes home from Oklahoma. Heck, I may actually cook dinner.

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