Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby and House Update

We had our 14 week "tummy check" yesterday.  Despite many unsettled nerves leading up to this appointment, we heard a healthy heartbeat and lots of wiggling from our little miracle.  In one month from today we will get to find out if baby Irvin is a boy or girl.  I can hardly wait! 

We watched Brave last night with my sister and her husband.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  Daniel and I loved it and chuckled often.  We will be buying this one the second it hits the shelves. 

Our weekend consisted of lots of construction.  Daniel started demo-ing the crappy old fence, then the 105 degree temperatures broke his spirit and he called the fence contractor.  We got rid of the remains of a previous demo project (a truckload of broken ceramic tile) and all of our quarter round has been installed.  We have a few small projects left to do: touching up paint, repairing the trim on the back door, and some cleaning.  By Friday, we will have a sign in the yard!

Tonight, we meet with the lender to see what we can qualify for.  I'm hoping it's enough to purchase/build a house I've fallen in love with in the perfect area.  We'll also likely be moving in with my parents during the transition.  This wouldn't normally bother me, except that I'm only getting more pregnant, and don't love the idea of a newborn in a multi-family living situation.  It will provide us with the means to save up a LOT of money while we wait to settle in to the new house.  Keep us in your prayers!

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