Monday, March 8, 2010

Still not Pregnant

Ok, I guess I'm resigning myself to the inevitable... this is probably going to become about my infertility struggles. I started my period on Saturday, it was a lovely weekend... not. Actually, the cramping felt like contractions, and I was having severe back pain for about 5 hours. There was a point that I honestly thought I was miscarrying. It really felt like it. The good news, I was not pregnant and therefore did not have a miscarriage... yay. The not-so-good news, my period was a month overdue, and so I missed a whole month to be able to get pregnant. Thanks, body. I also found out that ovulation tests are unreliable for women with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). This explains why I've never gotten one to work.

I'm praying like crazy that March is our month. Hopefully we find out in April we have a healthy baby on the way. Gosh, I hope that's the case.

In other news, Lucy, the puppy, is still not potty trained. She will at least go on the paper I put down, and when given the option (leaving the door open) she will go outside. She's just not getting that going inside is bad. Spanking her doesn't phase her at all; she just looks at me and wags her tail. Sheesh.... Monkey and Lucy go for shots in the morning. That ought to be all sorts of exciting.

That's all for now. Have a good Monday!


  1. Hi! I hopped over to read your blog after seeing your comment on Stacy's (Isaac, Eliana). I read several entries and admire that way you're looking for God's blessings in all your challenges.

    I hope you don't mind if I respond to a couple practical things. I'm like that! I don't have a blog but immichal AT yahoo. 460 some people have checked to see if I have a blog/profile so I guess I should figure this out. :)

    Pets: Cat's love to pee on plastic, thus the dry cleaning bag disaster. Lots of stuff says "Dry Clean Only" because the manufacturer doesn't want to hear any complaints if the cleaning doesn't go well but in truth MANY things can easily be gently washed. Good job with the vinegar and Woolite! Cool water, limited agitation, rolling things in towels and blocking them back in shape before air drying are keys it looks like you discovered.

    Puppy training: My daughter has been raising a young lab who is now past the puppy stage. You might want to look it up on-line, but I think a lot of the "secret to success" is putting the pup in a crate so they don't want to mess up. You run them out to the designated spot so they get the connection.

    May God continue to heal and encourage you as you grow strong in His love!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment and encouragement. I'm trying to stay positive, but some days I'm just tired. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck figuring out the blogging. God bless!