Friday, March 12, 2010

Lovely Spring

I truly love spring. It can be very bittersweet; I can't help thinking about how my first baby would be celebrating her 2nd birthday in a couple weeks. How I would love to have picnics with her and teach her about the flowers that I love so much. Our second baby would be crawling now. Would he look like me or Daniel? I look forward to the spring that I get to spend with my children... maybe next year.

This has been a lovely year so far! I got some sweet pictures of my furry children enjoying the warm weather. The cat is Monkey in our pear tree. It's blooming! Flowering trees are some of my favorite things in the world. Monkey has some news... she's expecting her first litter in April. She will be fixed after the little ones arrive. I had no intention of ever having more cats, but I'm secretly excited to have some kittens in the house for a little while.

Marley is the black and white dog. He is really enjoying the sunshine. He goes and just sits in the grass with his nose into the breeze for hours. Marley has always appreciated the simple things in life; when he was a puppy, we would take him for walks and when we came to a flower bed he would stop and smell the blossoms. My boy LOVES swimming in stock tanks. My parents have 2 large dogs and the 3 of them run, wrestle, and swim all day long then take naps in the sunshine.

Lucy is the top picture. She's developing quite a feisty personality. She really has been a good puppy. She's getting the potty training down pretty well... finally. Lu has decided that she prefers the outdoors. So, she brings little pieces of it inside to me: sticks, rocks, grass, dirt clods, and whole weeds she has pulled out of the ground. She has also learned that under the covers is a wonderful place to sleep. We let the dogs on the bed in the mornings (they do not sleep with us, or we would end up on the floor), and they sleep of the last hour of morning with us. I'm so happy to have my pets to keep me company during the day, I get so bored not being able to get a job right now. Animals are really wonderful :)

Well, I have to get some stuff ready to take to my booth. Happy spring!

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