Monday, March 29, 2010

Tight heart strings and a busy weekend.

It was a hectic week. Daniel's birthday was Thursday, so I had a family dinner that night with 11 people. I made 3 pot roasts, mashed 7 HUGE potatoes, a full bag of carrots in the roast, plus broccoli; it was all devoured. Also, 3/4 of a carrot cake... not enough left over :( We had our friend Nick over who is 6'8" and apparently a bottomless pit. The food didn't stand a chance.

Saturday we had a birthday party with all of our friends. I had the opposite problem on Saturday... we made way too much food. Actually, we made just enough and no one ate. Oh well. I'm not a party person at all, but I had a good time. I hope our guests had a good time as well. Daniel actually did all of the cooking, and I hardly did anything. My friend Erin was wonderful and was helping keep things clean and even threw the cake together while I got things set up and the burgers prepared.

Saturday would have been the second birthday of our first baby. We were busy all day, so that helped. However, we did see Daniel's ex-girlfriend and she has a 3 month old. Talk about an emotional dilemma. I like "J," but it's so hard to be around her because of the history she and Daniel have. I trust Daniel completely, I just am not comfortable around her. Anyhow. I was already trying not to cry for missing my babies when "J" comes around the corner with her sweet son. I was trying to be happy for her, and trying to enjoy "Z ." I didn't do too badly. I even held him while he fell asleep on my chest and managed not to cry. I know it will happen one day; it's the waiting that's killing me.

Ok, sorry for all that. I have to go now.

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