Monday, April 19, 2010

April has been lovely.

It has been beautiful this month! The weather has been perfect for being outdoors, and we've finally gotten 2 rainy days this week. Our grass is out of control!

This year has been designated as our "outdoors" year. Last year we bought the house and did a substantial amount of remodeling inside. So, this year will be the year the outside of the house gets a much need face lift. I've been trying to keep up with the weeding. We're going to put in a large flower bed across the middle of the yard and a small rose bed in the corner by the road. We'll be planting 2 trees (one in front and one out back) an oak and a pecan. We're going to build a deck off of the back of the house, and will eventually cover it with a pergola. I hope to get the vegetable garden tilled by the end of the year also. I need to scan the "blue prints" onto my computer and post it here. However, I have misplaced my printer software, so that won't work.

Monkey had her babies today! She has 4 little cuties. The first one is a tortoise shell calico, she's the largest. Then a ginger tabby, a gray tabby, and tiny little buff tabby that looks like Monkey. I have named then Jennyanydots, Weasley, Soots, and Demi respectively. I may have already found homes for 2 of them... good news. As in love with them as I already am, I do not want more animals. Monkey started labor on my bed at 8 this morning. I promptly moved her to the box, where she stayed (thank goodness). She was in labor for about 5 hours, and did wonderfully! It's been a chore keeping Lucy at bay, she's seems really worried about the cat.

Update on my fertility: I saw a new doctor on Friday. I love her! She's spirited and fun, and also really on top of things. She's probably in her late 50s, her name is Marian Z. She's starting me on Metformin to treat the PCOS and I will also be taking Clomid to ovulate. She believes she'll have me pregnant within 6 months. I hope she's right. Which reminds me, I need to go pick up my meds now. Have a happy April!

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