Monday, April 26, 2010

Pills are not my friend... yet.

I started the Metformin on Thursday night (I had to wait to get some blood work done). I woke up Friday morning feeling sick to my stomach and knew, this was not going to be fun. I am typically sensitive to medication. If I take a Benadryl, I will be out cold in a matter of 30 minutes. The Metformin is wreaking havoc on my poor stomach and I have literally been queasy and nauseated since Friday. My doctor says it won't last... it can't last, I cannot live this way. However, I've been able to eat larger helpings and I'm losing weight! In the past, I eat very little and gain weight, so this is a nice change, especially since I need to lose 19 pounds to reach my goal.

I'm making many changes as far as my lifestyle goes: eating better, becoming increasingly more active, less computer time, and even getting better about maintaining my home. I'm tired of feeling like a failure in so many ways... ironic, since my laziness is the source of my feeling like a failure, and I always feel good when I decide not to be lazy. Maybe I will write a more detailed post on that later, but for now... I need to go shower and clean my house. I'll be babysitting my cousin's precious baby boy tomorrow and won't have time to clean.

Have a happy week!

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