Friday, August 27, 2010

Dr. Z and Daniel's Job

My follow up appointment is today. Yes, the one I was supposed to go to back in July. They cancelled, then I finally rescheduled, then I missed 2 appointments. Not today, I remembered this time. Not sure what to expect today, I have no idea what's going on other than her checking up on me. I haven't been remembering to take the Metformin. Oops. I have been very regular though! I've actually been keeping a journal on my fertility. I document all the gory little details so I can hopefully catch a pattern soon. Even though I'm regular, I still don't know if I'm ovulating.

Daniel had a bad day at work yesterday. Long story short, he's officially a scheduler, but doesn't make the scheduler's starting pay or overtime. It's been like that for a year and a half with the promise of a raise when the company could afford it, despite many many raises for other people. He does the work of literally 4 positions, and has been working 12 hour days for 2 months. He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met, and he's working miracles for his company with zero thanks or recognition. I could give you the whole story, but it will just make me mad.

Ok, no more ranting. I just hate seeing him put through this everyday. Especially when he gets home in time to eat dinner and go to bed. Please, pray that Daniel at least gets a little recognition from work. Seriously, even a simple thank you occasionally would do wonders for him. I won't lie though, we could use the raise.

On a happier note, the high for the next 10 days is 95! Low 90s for the rest of August! That's miraculous. It's been unbearably hot this year. Well, August is always unbearably hot in Texas, but this year seems worse. 112 on Monday. (Only 100 degrees less than boiling point, and only 23 degrees less that the temperature required to keep hot food safe to eat.) Bloody hot. On Wednesday, the high was 75! It rained, it was glorious. It's only about 74 out right now. Won't be long until it's in the 60s and time to break out that winter coat! Just kidding, I at least wait until it's in the 50s. Autumn is approaching... squee!

I botched dinner last night. I'm still bummed about it. I was hoping a good dinner and some peace would cheer up my husband, but it was.... gross. Most of my produce had turned bad. Against my better judgement, I made the cacciatore anyways without the fresh ingredients. The sauce was too thick and had a burnt taste even though it wasn't burnt. It was just blah. I did make a decent apple dessert. Boring, but decent. It needed ice cream. Hopefully my next big dinner will be a hit. No more yucky dinners, it doesn't really give me confidence about my career choice.

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