Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Balancing Act

Culinary school and all of the homework associated with it is quite a heavy load. I'm having to re-learn how to fulfill my role as wife and keeper of the home. If my sanitation instructor saw my kitchen right now she's probably kick me out of the class. I have so much homework to do when I'm not driving to Dallas and back that there's so little time to actually do house work. Daniel is stepping up to the plate where I can't right now, and I'm so grateful. I haven't cooked in 2 weeks. We've had little things like sandwiches, hamburgers and spaghetti... all very nutritious. But I haven't made a full meal since the beginning of school madness. I'm beginning to feel comfortable with the schedule and the work load though.

Today's to-do list:
  1. vegging out until 8:30
  2. getting dressed
  3. cleaning the kitchen
  4. wash the sheets and a load of darks
  5. fold the whites
  6. sweep the whole house and mop the kitchen
  7. have a nutritious lunch
  8. homework until 5:00
  9. dinner ready at 7:00
  10. prepare clothes and lunches before bed
This will at least get the house back to presentable status. I haven't got a menu plan for tonight, but I'm thinking we may do spaghetti again. Oh! If I have everything I need we'll do Chicken Cacciatore... yummy. I hope I have some white wine; I believe I have everything else.

Last night we hung out with Daniel's brother, his wife, and our good friend. We ate dinner at On the Border. Since I had such a late lunch with Stephanie (which was AWESOME!), I chose to have dessert. I got the brownie sundae, and it was bleh. Cheap ice cream, overcooked, and stale walnuts, I was very disappointed. We were all enjoying ourselves entirely too much and laughing until it hurt. I love our little family!

Oh my gosh, it's raining!!!!! Praise the Lord! Poor Daniel is on the motorcycle, but we needed the rain so badly. I've lost 2 trees this summer and my grass is on it's way out despite being watered. On Monday it was 112 degrees. 112... that's awful without humidity. I live in one of the most humid places in the states.

Ok, sorry for the random insert. My lunch with Stephanie was at this adorable little restaurant called "The Pie Place." You would expect them to serve lots of dessert pies and some sandwiches or something, right? Wrong. The only thing on the menu is pie. I kid you not. Chicken pot pie, chicken enchilada pie, black bean burger pie, there's about 15 different kinds of pie, plus the 20 or so dessert pies. This is seriously the best place ever. I am a terrible friend and left my wallet at home. It was an accident I promise you, I felt horrible. So, I owe her lunch with dessert next time.

That's all for today; have a good one!

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