Friday, August 20, 2010

School Days and A Friend Day

I started school on Thursday, and I love it! Well, I love the class I have on campus, but the online course makes me want to bash my head against the wall. That one is called Aesthetics, it's basically a philosophy class structured around art. *I just want to insert that I love spell check, I literally misspelled 5 words in a row, including "spell check." * Anyways, Aesthetics sucks, a lot. It's abstract thinking at it's finest... I don't do abstract, I'm a sculptor who's good at math. I like logic. Now I'm going to school to become a chef, more math. Abstract is not my thing, and I feel like every homework assignment I post is really just me trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about, when I truly have no idea. It's stressing me out. For example: "How would Cezanne's philosophy of art as interpretation shaped his view of Van Gogh's 'Shoes.'" ... at this point my brain starts to sizzle because I have to think outside of the box, come up with an answer and try no to plagiarize because all the other students' homework is there to read. Oh, and everyone else gets to read my lame answer. :P :P :P I would love to drop this class, but I need it to graduate. It's my humanities course, and praise the Lord it's only 5 weeks long!

Sanitation and Safety. Awesome. Sounds like a thriller, I know, but this is the stuff that will save me from lawsuits when I get my own restaurant. Plus, Chef Hooker is an amazing teacher. She was the head Chef at West Point for 5 years. She's mid 30's and seriously fun. She miraculously made pathogens, food safety, and Hepatitis A fun. In this class I will also learn to be my own mechanic for my kitchen equipment. That sounds like great fun. I get to learn to repair the giant Hobart mixers!
I registered for the Fall/Winter quarter yesterday. I'll be taking Purchasing and Product ID, how to purchase food in the correct quantities for the operation. Concept and Theory, the how's and why's of all things food. And drum roll please... Fundamentals of Classical Techniques, a kitchen class! Fundamentals is kindergarten for cooks, but hey, I get to be in the kitchen, which is rockin'. My schedule is 11:00-2:00 on Wednesday, 8:00-5:00 on Thursday, and 12:00-5:00 on Friday. The cooking class is 5 hours long 2 days a week. I get to leave Dallas at rush hour! It's either that or get to school at 6am or leave school at 10pm. So, I opted for midday and I will just hang out at school until 6:00 and hopefully avoid traffic and get home faster. The best part of all of this, no online courses. Never again, seriously.

Going to meet with a good friend today. I literally haven't seen her in about a year. I saw her at her wedding, but that's it. I met her husband (Kevin Spacey's twin) at the wedding. Sad, I know. Steph is one of my coolest friends. We are dangerous when together, adventure always ensues. It rocks! We had planned a 3 week trip to Europe together, by ourselves, fresh out of high school. Sadly, that fell through and we ended up in New York City for a week (Europe may have been cheaper). Oh the time we had! I wish I had time to write out all of the hilarious moments together, but I probably couldn't do them justice anyways. Yep, Stephanie is the greatest, everyone should have a friend like her.

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