Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoying the Quiet

It's about 4:00 here and I'm waiting on Daniel to come home. I had little bit of a stressful school week. I had a pretty heavy load of homework and was very grateful to have Monday off for some uninterrupted study time. Despite good intentions of finishing my paper early, I was up until 1:00am working on it. I did the wrong vocabulary assignment, forgot to study 2 chapters for the test, and it took an extra hour to get to school today because of "Hermine." The good news, I have a very strong A in sanitation and a B in Aesthetics (please oh please don't let that drop this week). I have to maintain C's, but I would like to keep A's in everything for scholarships and fun perks of being on the Dean's List (awesome colorful neckerchiefs, oh heck yes!).

I thought I would write about some of my fellow students. I go to a school that teaches only the arts. Therefore, you see some... interesting individuals around campus. I love that you can pick the culinary students out of the crowd as if they were painted purple. Most of them have on uniforms, but the ones that don't are still obviously culinary students. Usually, these are the students in more casual clothing with normal hair color, short finger nails, and comfortable shoes. To compare with high school cliques, the culinary students are the nerds. We also carry the majority of the weight too. Fatties love food, and foodies love to cook. I'm one of the thinest people in my class, that is sad.
Fashion students are painfully obvious too. Their homework may be to create a new fashion statement every week. I swear the girl that sat next to me in the library owns stock in Bedazzler. I have never seen so many rhinestones on one outfit. I was trying so hard not to stare at her while I took in the entire fashion statement. HUGE jewelry, very fake lashes, sparkling pink fingernails perfectly matching her shirt. She was a mess of white and pink shinies.

Everyone else is... artistically dressed. A lot of the skinny jeans, and trendy clothes. There's a sea of piercings and tattoos and neon hair. It's fun. I wish I wasn't so awful about staring. I don't stare just to stare. I like studying people's faces and expressions. Then Daniel points out that I look like a moron staring at them with my mouth hanging open and usually showing some sort of sign about what I think of them.

Now for the classmate showcase. "Asian Skater Guy."
I don't know his name (I know, but it's a huge class.) He's average size with a wicked scar across his mouth, he wears SUPER tight jeans, which I am convinced are the reason he shuffle-swaggers. He has a very interesting walk. He gets mad props for the Tom's shoes. He ALWAYS has his iPod on when he comes in. He wears his hair longish with his bangs over one eye. He comes in the door the exact same way every day, and it makes me smile. He shuffle-swaggers, stops just inside the door (he slouches a lot too) and while still staring at the floor with his hands in his pockets he jerks his head to "fix" his hair then continues to his seat at the back of class. I promise you could tape this everyday and it wouldn't change except for his outfit. It makes me giggle inside.

I love people watching; if only there were a job market for that. For our next classmate show case, "The Type A Pasty Chef."

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