Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Saturday

I love Saturdays like this one. I woke up to Daniel kissing me and then he was hugging me weird and I fell asleep with his arm under my neck... I have a painful crick in my neck now, but it's ok. We made breakfast together. I was the sous chef and he was so gracious to make the bacon for me (I hate getting popped by the grease). It was hickory smoked bacon and it was so tasty! We made some toast with just a little butter. He had scrambled eggs with his and I had a baked apple. I love baked apples, especially for breakfast, and most especially with bacon. We have a table right in the middle of our wonderful kitchen. It's so cozy and the best place to sit and enjoy a meal together.

We've spent most of the day playing games together, and soon we're leaving to go to my parents house for a tasty dinner. I love my parents. I love his parents too. I really love that our parents are next door neighbors, it's the best. I'm excited to spend some time with my daddy tonight. I truly don't get to see him enough.

I hope all of you are having the sweet Saturday that we are.

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  1. So glad to see you are doing so much! What a schedule! Congrats on going to school! I think Aaron would love culinary school, he is all about good food. He watches Masterchef with gordon ramsey and thinks he could do it! He is really good about just putting in whatever ingredients he thinks will be good and amazingly it is! Anyways, it looks like you are staying busy and happy! I am happy for you. Tell Daniel I said "hi" and we miss you guys at church!