Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I stepped outside this morning to get something out of Daniel's truck. I looked up. We don't see a ton of stars in M-town... too close to a few large towns, but I could clearly see a couple constellations. Breathtaking.

I've always been enamored by stars. They're a testament to how small we are. To me, they've always been a stark reminder of God's love. We don't need the stars. The don't really provide any light at night, even in places like Wyoming where it's pitch black at night and all you can see above the horizon is billions of diamonds set in the black velvet. God just put them there. He scattered the stars across our sky so that we could see incredible beauty even in total darkness. What a reminder of his grace. Even in the darkest times in our lives, he is with us. God uses the scariest, and hardest experiences to refine us into shining beacons of his love for the world.

Tomorrow night, just step outside and look up. Admire God's gift of beauty for his children.

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  1. great reminder! I so often forget to just look and wonder at God's creation :)