Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Thanks

I'm feeling weird lately. Emotionally and physically. I'm not sure what's up, but I'm grateful for feeling, even if I'm not feeling my best. My Grandpa's response to the "How are you?" question was "I'm doing good for the shape I'm in." I've always loved that. It's something I still admire about Grandpa 11 years after his death. He was always grateful for what he had. So, to carry on Grandpa's legacy of praise for his blessings:

86. Encouragement from a sweet friend.
87. Standing in line at the grocery store, learning about patience.
88. An empty container of Morton salt from our wedding shower... a commemoration to nearly 4 years of sticking out hard times, and falling more in love.
89. God whispering words of comfort and strength in my ear, promising to stand beside me in my weakness.
90. Andrew Peterson's song, "Dancing in the Minefield."
91. Babies.
92. Paint smears on the ceiling, a reminder of the love of friends and family who helped us make our house our home.
93. Music that makes me smile.
95. Phone calls from my little sister.
96. Muddy dog paws on my floors, put there by two sweet companions.
97. Bear hugs from Dad.
98. Tears, proof that I need the love of God.
99. Sunshine, a break from cold and wet.
100. Notebook filled with to-do lists and reminders... my brain on paper.

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