Thursday, August 2, 2012

House Selling Waiting Game

Yesterday we got an offer on our house.  It was $14,000 less than our asking price; naturally, we countered. Then they countered, then we thought about countering, and right as we decided we could settle for a little less than we were hoping for, they chickened out!  But hey, we got an offer in less than a month of being on the market, and that is at very least encouraging.  I know I promised a home tour when I got everything clean, so here is most of the house.  

The Front.  You can't see the blue door, just trust me, it's cute. 

My wonderful little kitchen.  That oven is AMAZING!  I will cry when I leave it here.

The cozy family room.  It's really not dark in here, that window can be blinding.

The newly re-floored and repainted spare bath.  Gray and green :)

Again, I don't know why it's so dark, but I wish you could see those flowers better. 

My favorite room :)  It's huge and we love sitting in here chatting and snuggling the dogs on the couch.

You may have noticed, we like green :)

We have an office and a cute little guest room that my realtor didn't add photos of, so you get to see what the potential buyers see.  The one change from these photos is our bedroom.  It was a simple change that involved adding lime green pillow, one chevron patterned one, and a matching throw to the bed.  It worked wonders!  The rug doesn't work now, but the bed looks like grown ups sleep there, and that's so nice.  Oh, we also added a hemp rug under the table.  I thought I wouldn't like it, but it really helps separate the dining room and living rooms and breaks up the sea of brown.  Which is ironic, since the rug is brown.  I'm pretty bored with the ultra warm colors; I'm ready for something a little fresher. Soon.

Update on Lily: she's a kicker.  Thankfully, she does one day on and 3 days off on the really heavy kicks that threaten my bladder control, but I LOVE feeling her move.  I'm head over heals for this girl, and Daniel can tell you that I worry about every little thing.  Like how my tummy shrunk overnight, or how I often wake up flat on my back.  I'm so ready to be in the home she will come home to and start decorating her nursery.  Just wait 'til you see what I have up my sleeve :)

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