Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Favorite Thing

Have I mentioned that I love my marriage?  It helps that I'm so crazy about the guy I'm married to.  We had a funny moment last night that I had to write down because I want to remember it forever.  I was down because Lily has changed positions making my belly smaller and her kicking far less noticeable.  So, like a child, I punched Daniel's Chex cereal as he was pouring it so I could crunch up the pieces.  He jokingly snarled at me, which made me laugh.  Then, he grabs the front of my shirt and proceeds to pour cereal down my shirt.  Well, that did it, I was laughing so hard it hurt.  Well, then we "argued" about who made the mess and why the other person should bend down to pick up the cereal.  So, I "agreed" that is was my fault and started to pick it up, but Daniel was too sly for my scheming and knew what I was planning.  When I stood up, he was covering the cereal bowl so I wouldn't dump the bits from the floor into his bowl .  We both went into hysterics at this.  It was a special moment; one that our marriage is filled with and I'm so grateful. Neither of us is especially romantic, but we are always laughing together and it makes me especially happy knowing our daughter can hear it even now.  So what's my favorite thing?  Marriage with the man I couldn't imagine loving more.  He really is my best friend.

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