Monday, September 24, 2012

Lots of Answered Prayers

Allow me to sum up the story of our moving adventures.  In May, we began toying with the idea of moving to save a bookoodle of gas money.  In June, we learn that I am pregnant.  In July, we put our house on the market.  14 viewings and several flopped offers later, we have a winner and a closing date.  Oh, and no idea where we will be living... with a baby well on her way. We would be living with my parents in the interim, but I was not keen on the idea of bringing my newborn home to a house that wasn't mine, even the home of my beloved parents. 

We've looked at many houses, all but one that we loved had contracts on them.  The rest just weren't right.  It has been disheartening and discouraging, but still we searched. 

Fast forward to Friday, September 14.  We have found an incredible home in a great neighborhood. It's sprawling and it's cheap.  We put in a superb offer, and found out that we got outbid on Monday.  I was crushed.  So we prayed, again.  We took a day off from house hunting. 

Tuesday night, the 18th, our beloved associate pastor calls, asking if we'd be interested in purchasing his home.  Just one day after losing the house we thought was perfect for us.  Now, let me clarify something.  We adore our current home.  We love the layout and the size is just right.  I had put a post on Facebook in my frustration that I wished we could just pick up our home and move it to [specific neighborhood].  The pastor and his wife live in the SAME floor plan as us.  It is actually flip flopped with a coveted hall closet, but otherwise, it's exactly the same, just backwards.

So, we agreed that we were interested; when it looks like God has his hand on it, you better believe we're at least going to check into it.   So, Saturday morning, we went to see the house.  First, the neighborhood is fantastic.  Then we walk into the kitchen, and it's painted the same color green as our kitchen, the green we love so much.  Everything is done in our taste.  There's practically nothing to do to this house.  Then, we walk into the room that will be Lily's.  It's painted the exact shade of pale green that I had made up my mind to paint it.  That sealed the deal.  It was a huge neon sign from God saying, this is the house I have prepared for you.  This precious couple had done things to their home we had dreamed about doing to ours, but never did, because we knew we wouldn't be there long. 

We agreed we wanted the home, we agreed on a price, then we sat and talked and prayed together.  To hear their side of the story about how God has so obviously been working in this situation floored me. I could see perfectly how God has been working behind the scenes of the craziness of the last 4 months to prepare this home for our family, and to prepare their family for something new.  So, God comes through in incredible ways yet again, and we will move in 5 weeks before Lily's due date.  More than enough time to get her room perfect. 

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