Thursday, September 20, 2012

Still here!

Sunday marks the beginning of my second third trimester!  Time has flown by with the second, and now I'm ready to have my girl here.  She grows increasingly more active as the weeks go by.  I had my glucose test and passed with flying colors.  I am, however, anemic and will be taking an iron supplement.  Christmas Eve will not come soon enough!

We got a cash offer on the house and we are set to close on October 3.  This translates to the very pregnant woman and her OCD husband packing boxes and getting out of a house in a week and a half.  It's funny that Daniel's packing method is throw it in a box with no real order other than label it with what room it came from.  If I were the one doing the packing, everything would be categorized, clearly labeled and have a premeditated destination written on the box.  Both methods could be effective, I'm just nervous about what is getting put into these boxes rashly in his untameable fury to get the house packed.  (We still have a week left and he wants to completely pack the kitchen tonight, Heaven help me.)

The house hunt has been a small nightmare.  First, we didn't clearly communicate to each other what we wanted.  Then, the poor realtor was showing us houses we hated.  We were shooting down each others choices and getting incredibly frustrated with one another.  So, we sat and worked that out.  Then the real drama begins.  Every house we have loved has had a contract on it.  Are you kidding me?!  Then we found a STEAL on a gorgeous home in a good area, but we promptly got outbid by a cash offer.  Who has the willpower to save that kind of dough?  We were crushed.  We loved that house.  So, we prayed for wisdom.  We learned that God spared us lots of potential drama with a homeowner's association.  You do not want any part of those in Texas.  They're very powerful and can foreclose on your home even if you own it free and clear.  It's happened.  So, praise God for saving us from those troubles.  Now we have some homes we are praying about and waiting to go see.

So, we're packing and planning and praying for wisdom.  With the baby, house, new responsibilities at church and other big life stuff going on, we're feeling stretched.  It's like a huge checklist with nothing checked off yet.  BLECH!  I can't wait to see how this all turns out.

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