Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yesterday, I delivered my parents to the airport for 18 days in Scotland with my baby sister who is now 3 days past her due date with her first baby.  I'm a little jealous and missing them all. 

Daniel and I took the tour of the hospital yesterday to get oriented before Lily decides to make her appearance.  I want her to be here, but not too early.  I'm just so ready to kiss her sweet cheeks.  I guess I have to preregister with the hospital, think about what in the world to pack in my bag, figure out what we'll owe the hospital, and write down my wishes for the birth.  I feel like I've done nothing to prepare for her.  4 more weeks, and I can at least prep her room.  Oh, and I need to find a pediatrician.... too much to do.

I guess a good place to start would be with creating a notebook to safely house all of our baby pamphlets and documents in the midst of transitional madness.  I probably ought to start one of those for house documents as well.   Time to get organized! 

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