Friday, February 1, 2013

Lily is here!

So, now that life has settled down a bit, I will finally get to writing again.  (YAY!)  Where to start?

The move went great; better than expected, all things considered. We were very much settled in by the time miss Lily arrived (more on that in a minute).  We still have a few boxes left to unpack, but it's random junk that should probably be thrown out/donated anyways.  When my house is put back together, I will post some pictures to show you how it's coming along.  I've been painting.  Yes, painting with a 6 week old, I am insane.  What I thought were mildly yellow walls turned to a buttery nightmare when we moved all of our dark wood furniture in.  Sitting and staring at the walls for hours on end feeding Lily was getting to me, so I went and bought 2 shades of lovely greige (beige/grey) paint and got to work... so much better.  You can check it on Instagram.

Now to the important part: Lily!  She arrived on 12-20-2012 at 5:24 in the afternoon after 10 hours of labor and 4 horridly long hours of pushing.  Yes, pushing for 4 hours, like a boss.  She weighed 8 pounds 4.5 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.  Tall, skinny girl.  Everything went well and everyone was perfectly healthy.  I cried, a lot, when I heard her crying.  Seeing my baby girl has been a long time coming.  Also, I was so relieved to not be pushing anymore, I was completely exhausted and only managed to keep going because I really really did not want a c-section.  Will power is a beautiful thing. 

The past 6 weeks have been amazing!  Lily Grace is a little spit fire already.  You can't see it in this picture, but she has a natural mohawk (so darn cute!) and it goes quite well with her feisty personality.  She is stubborn and hot tempered - teen years, be good to me - and the sweetest little snuggler.  She will smile at us and coo sweetly for hours, until she's not happy... then  you better put in the ear plugs, because Lily is going to give you a piece of her mind.  Despite her temper, she's very easy to calm down again, and before you know it she's back to smiling at you.  She's most definitely not a morning girl.  She grunts and stretches and pouts and grunts some more until she's had breakfast, then she's as happy as a clam.  It's adorable.  She's going to be dependent on coffee when she grows up, I can already tell :)

Lily loves music.  Her favorite is Bob Marley.  It's hard not to be in a good mood with Marley singing to you.  She also loves anything with a ukulele.  I think she remembers the sound from when I'd play mine before I got too pregnant to hold it.  Her grandpa plays too, and she really seemed to enjoy that.  We're going back to Hawaii when she's about 5; I can't wait to see if she's a beach girl since she loves the music of the beach. 

I am so crazy about this girl!  It's been a blast watching her grow and develop her own personality.  I can't wait to see who she becomes over the next few years. 

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