Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A creative outlet... that pays for itself? Sign me up!

Great news! My precious mother-in-law just informed me that I could use the credit she has at her antique mall to open my own booth! She has $1500 in credit that she won't use, and is letting me have it to open my own booth at the antique mall. I am so excited I can hardly sit still to write this. I have been job hunting for two years with absolutely no luck at all. I don't need the work, but I do need to get out of the house; earning spending money is an even cooler bonus. In high school, before I was a professional sculptor, I made most of my money making little horse figurines out of polymer clay and selling them at feed stores or horse shows in the area. The profit was 80% and I spent hardly any time on them at all. Now, I have a sewing machine and so many ideas I have to write them down to remember that I ever thought of it. I could sell some simple little creations as well as hit the yard sales looking for little treasures to put in my booth. Here's the better news... if I worked the mall 2 days a week, I would more than pay for my booth after the credit ran out. My Granny makes the prettiest ornamental balls, and I was going to ask her to send me a bunch so I could put them in my booth and that way she makes some money too. It would be wonderful if this turned out to be a moneymaker for me, but even if I only break even it's great, because it will help pay for my hobby.

I'm about to go visit my puppy! My friend, the breeder said she's starting to show a lot of personality and she's getting pretty feisty. I've thought of a few names, but haven't asked Irvin about any of them yet. Louisette, Pixie, Brigette, Birdie, and Merryweather are my favorites so far. I think I like Louisette the best, because we had a Sheltie growing up named Shelby Lou... so, Louisette would be a nice way to honor sweet Shelby. Pixie is probably far to girlie for Daniel; he said it's bad enough that she's going to be the size of our cat. I hope I can get a good picture of the puppy today; if they turn out I will post them.

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