Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update about School

Yesterday, Daniel and I drove to the Art Institute of Dallas to speak with the councilor. Assuming I get accepted and can get enough funding, I am going to culinary school! I'm excited, and really hoping and praying that I'm making a wise decision. I will have to use student loans, and AI is not a cheap school. However, they have nearly a 100% success rate for placing there students in careers. I also don't have to start paying back the loans until 6 months after graduation. The interest rate isn't bad either, but ugh, I hate debt. Pray that God makes the choice clear, and if this is really what I'm supposed to do, which I truly feel it is, that he would provide the money for my supplies. I have to buy 3 uniforms... :) I get to wear a toque! I am excited, and nervous. If I'm accepted I start Thursday... yeah, this Thursday.

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